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Posted Thursday 15th Sep 2011 by Gav

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Today I’m going to go through 10 things to consider when trying to build your Twitter popularity. Really, these can be used by everyone, but I’ve personally (as a web designer) found these 10 tips to be very effective

1. Style & customise your Twitter.

This one is quite an important one and one quite a few people no longer do. Back when Twitter first started, everyone was customising their Twitter profiles, but since the launch of many Twitter apps and the new Twitter layout, beautiful Twitter backgrounds have become a thing of the past.

Make sure you do add some form of customisation to your Twitter page. Believe it or not, a lot of people are still using the Twitter website and there is nothing worse than using a standard Twitter theme. Once you have changed your theme and background, submit it to some Twitter background galleries and get more followers through that too!

I’m sure this goes without saying, but make sure you upload an avatar. Something that is recognisable and stands out, remember, people are viewing your tweets in their application. This means you’re in with a massive crowd, the last thing you want to do is blend in.
Useful tip: Have a picture of yourself as your profile picture. If your current and future followers can see who you actually are, it’s always a good thing.

2. Link & Bio:

Your bio is quite important, but don’t fill it with a load of services and offers. Your bio isn’t there to sell or advertise your services it’s there to tell people who you are and why they should follow you.
“Hi, I’m Joe Bloggs, I build awesome websites for YOU, you should follow me and then maybe we can discuss you having a new website from me”

No, no one is going to follow you from that, they don’t want to fee like their signing a contract just to follow your tweets.
“Hi, I’m Joe Bloggs, a passionate web designer from the Midlands, sharing as many awesome things as possible”

This is more better, it gives people a reason to follow you and who doesn’t want awesome things?

3. Talk to your followers

SO many ‘internet celebs’ fail to remember how important this is. If you want large follow numbers, but no one actually taking any notice of what you tweet, then feel free to ignore them, but then whats the point in having followers if none of them have an interest in you? It’s impossible to keep on top of all your replies, but make sure you try your hardest to reply to as many as possible to show your followers your listening to them.

4. Don’t mix your personal feelings with your business Twitter

We all like to have a laugh, have a moan and let it all out on the interwebs. But, there is a line. Though there are people out there who really don’t care about what language you use, there are people out there who don’t want to see you swearing all the time, moaning about your political views or what shocking hardware Microsoft has developed (or is this just me?). Keep it cool and carry on.

5. Have a new piece of work, an awesome link or something you found useful?

Tweet it! Why not, you found it a good resource, or proud of a great web design you have done, why not share it! Get your name out by showing how good your work is or how useful your links are. These will get retweeted and advertise your Twitter in more places. Don’t forget, it’s not just on Twitter people will see it, if that user has their stream displayed on their website, your name will be on there also. 1 tweet could put you in front of many people in many different ways.

6. Add Twitter to your blog, ‘tweet this’ buttons and ‘follow me’ links.

Whenever you add a new blog post, add a good wordpress plug in that will automatically tweet the link. Also, add ‘tweet this‘ buttons on your site so other people can share the link also

7. Find out when the best time is to tweet awesome stuff

This is a great tool, if you are a constant stream of useful links and lovely designs, make sure that when your sending them, they are being seen by as many people as possible. A tool like Tweriod is perfect for this, it will analyse your followers and let you know when they are most online and most likely to retweet your stuff.

8. Retweet, retweet, retweet

Make sure that you retweet as much as you are retweeted. You like to have your stuff retweeted by people, so why not share the love? If you do, not only will you become a valuable Tweeter, but your followers will see you take an interest in their tweets, they will view you even more valuable and recommend you to their followers!

9. Don’t follow everyone back

This may come across as confusing, surely you want to return the favor to everyone? Not so much, granted you may come across as interesting to someone else, but they may not interest you, so why fill your stream with stuff you’re not interested in? I urge everyone to take the time to look at who your new followers are and see if you would like to follow them, but certainly don’t feel compelled to follow absolutely everyone back.

10. And finally, have fun, make friends and enjoy!

Twitter is all about sharing experiences and things that are going on in your day to day life. Have fun on it, use it wisely and just remember to be a useful Tweeter, not just someone filling someone else’s stream. Your personality will shine through everything you say, make sure you’re having fun and enjoying the social experience and that will tell everyone you’re one cool cookie to follow!

By Gav

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  • shan

    Really nice post.Nice tips for getting more and more followers.I wanna going to implement this tips.Thanks a lot.

  • Gavin

    Really glad you found it useful Shan!

  • JimJ

    Tip 7 is something I hadn’t realised – this might be very useful! Thanks.