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Posted Friday 20th Jul 2012 by Rob Bavington

Today James and I are going to summarise a few of our favourite key points from Adobe’s Creative Week. In particular Thursday’s session that was dedicated to web and mobile. Here at Creare, we set the live webinar up throughout our studios, and encouraged our design teams to tune in whilst working on their projects. Initially we didn’t quite know what to expect in the webinar, broadcast live from London, however once it started it was very addictive viewing. It wasn’t just a 4-hour advert for CS6, they demonstrated some of the exciting new features in the latest release of Creative Suite.

In the video we don’t try and teach you anything from the presentation, just summarise what key things we took from webinar to encourage you to watch it, if you haven’t done so already.

Jack of all trades, or master of one?

The session beings with the panel debating the big question – ‘Should you be a jack of all trades, or a master of one’. It’s hard for us to summarise everything that was discussed, however the studio panel (that ranged from creative directors to students) shared some interesting opinions from job titles to browsing the net on Smart TV’s.

Paul Trani, Adobe Evangelist shares a great presentation on creating content for mobile devices using the new tools in CS6.

The key part of the webinar for us was the software demonstration by Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani. Although he’s going for over an hour, he skims over some of the exciting new features for web and mobile in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and Edge CS6. The demo particularly focuses on responsive web design and how all of the web-based apps can work together to produce cutting edge, responsive layouts via media queries and fluid grid layouts.

Another cool feature within the webinar was ‘A student’s tale’. Fresh faced 1st year creative student Joe Benton shares his journey with media design at Bournemouth University.

Creative Week – Web & Mobile in Summary

So in conclusion, Adobe CS6′s key web and mobile applications look great – particularly if you’re a supporter of their drag and drop interface over hard-core coding. It was really refreshing to see (in our opinion) that Adobe has got their finger on pulse and are tailoring their software to keep up with the young and rapidly evolving industry and the growing demand for responsive solutions.

Not surprisingly, Flash is still part of the line-up however it’s new HTML5 exporting features, combined with its new sister App – Edge, mean that Adobe are adapting to the market and overcoming the continued abandonment of Flash support. If we’ve wet your appetite, you’ll be pleased to know that you can catch all 5 days of Creative Week on demand and also enter an Adobe Edge competition that’s running until the end of August to win a copy of CS6 Master Collection or a years subscription to Adobe Cloud.

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