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Grab my attention – Calls to Action

A call to action in web design is a term used for elements that grab the users attention and draw them to a certain goal, usually it’s a button or line of copy. To create a good call to action, … Continue reading

Colours in Web Design

As designers colour is a powerful tool at our disposal. Throughout life our culture and the influences around us have conditioned us to relate colours to emotions and actions. Traffic lights are the simplest form, green for go, amber for … Continue reading

4 Web Design Guidelines You Can Use Today

In the world of web design you may find yourself justifying a decision you’ve made, and struggling to find the right words. Below I’ve listed 4 web design guidelines to help you with these decisions and the why behind them, … Continue reading

Fade parts of your html page as you scroll using JQuery

This week, Claire takes us through how to fade in parts of your website as you scroll down the page. Continue reading

4 Page/Site Speed Tools for webmasters

This week, James shares 4 great, free tools for improving the speed of your website. Tools include Google Page Speed, Analytics, mod_pagespeed and Pingdom. Continue reading

Wireframing in Web Design

A Blueprint for a Successful Website A wireframe is a blueprint showing a low fidelity design made up of simple lines, boxes and text. They are used to focus on the function, layout and hierarchy of the web page’s design. … Continue reading

5 Ecommerce Web Design Mistakes That Annoy Your Users

Lack of Detailed Product Information and Imagery When shopping online we’re unable to see an item in its true form. We can’t hold it and feel the item in our hands and appreciate the material or the finish. It’s a … Continue reading

Responsive web design – SEO & usability considerations

In this week’s web design video blog we consider SEO factors and usability when creating responsive websites. Continue reading

Disable Billing Agreements and Recurring Profiles in Magento

Today, Claire shows us how to remove Billing Agreements and Recurring Profiles areas in Magento Continue reading

Web Design: Why your website isn’t converting

In this weeks video blog, Gav and Rob bring up a few things that we know drive bounce rates up and conversion rates down. Continue reading