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Better Configurable Products vs Simple Configurable Products – Magento Plugin Review

Today, Claire compares two plugins – “Simple Configurable Products” and “Better Configurable Products” Continue reading

Change Templates for Custom Post Type posts in WordPress

In this weeks blog, Claire takes us through assigning different templates to Custom Post Type Posts, using the ‘Post Template’ drop down. Continue reading

Disable Billing Agreements and Recurring Profiles in Magento

Today, Claire shows us how to remove Billing Agreements and Recurring Profiles areas in Magento Continue reading

How to detect IE6 browsers/users on your website

In this week’s video tutorial we share a simple jQuery solution for detecting and warning IE6 users to update their browser. Continue reading

Web Design Trends – The Year So Far

This week Steve looks back at the year’s predicted trends and sees which ones are still going strong. Continue reading

Web Design links – These sites are my morning newspaper

This week, Gav shares with us the websites he HAS to check daily to keep on top of the web design world Continue reading

Web Design freebie: ZeroBundle – LOADS of free PSD’s

Today Gav shares with us a really awesome freebie resource from ZeroBundle. A pack of free PSD files to help you give your web design that extra zing! Continue reading

Web Design Plugin Roundup – jQuery and WordPress

This week Steve does a plugin supermarket sweep for some excellent WordPress and jQuery goodness. Continue reading

Web Design Freebie: Sales Stamp Brushes

In Kim’s first blog post he shares a great freebie – some Photoshop “Sale” related stamps for use in your next web design! Continue reading

Web design freebie – free Facebook cover PSD and examples

This week Gav has done us another awesome freebie with a Facebook cover template so you can go and make your own unique Facebook cover! Continue reading