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Web Design Tutorial – Does HTML5 improve SEO?

This week, we tackle the big SEO question – Does HTML5 improve SEO? In the video we look at markup, Rich Snippets and other benefits of using HTML5 Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – HTML5 structural tags & starting template

In this week’s web design video blog we take a look at the key new HTML5 structural tags, and show you our recommended usage with a starting template for copying and pasting. Continue reading


I wanted to take this opportunity to slide away from web design, and introduce everybody to PhoneGap, in case you haven’t heard of it already – because whilst it’s been around since 2009, it’s really starting to gather momentum now. … Continue reading

Modernizr for web design with CSS3 & HTML5

In this week’s video we take a look at Modernizr – the Open Source JavaScript library that helps designers take advantage of new features in HTML5 and CSS3. Continue reading

HTML5 Microdata for Products

I know that Microdata or Microformats, isn’t ground-breaking news in the web design world. Nor is it even new news. Microformats have been around for a long time – heard of a hCard? That’s a Microformat. Or RDFa data? To … Continue reading

Web Design in HTML5 & CSS3 – When should I start?

In this week’s video we ask the question: When should we start using HTML5 & CSS? Back from Adobe’s HTML5 camp, our colleague Dan also shares his favorite HTML5 and CSS3 resources. Continue reading

Adobe HTML5 Camp, London: A Delegates’ Overview

As some of you may know, or may not, my colleague Dan Long and I attended Adobe’s HTML5 Camp in London last Thursday. It was awesome. That, however, isn’t a great feedback blog – so with that in mind, here’s … Continue reading

How to create cross-browser compatible HMTL5 web design

In this week’s web design video blog, James demonstrates a simple technique for ensuring all browsers render the basic HTML5 tags correctly. Continue reading

HTML5 Tags Quick Reference Guide – PDF

After last weeks entertaining CSS Guide on our web design blog, this week I thought I’d branch out to HTML5. Here we have a quick guide based on the official (draft) spec from the W3 Spec. In short, when you’re … Continue reading

HTML5 Input Types for iPhone & Android Keyboards

In this week’s video James and Luci talk about some of the new HTML5 Input Type Values. Several of the 13 new values improve usability for iPhone and Android users without any browser fall-back problems. Continue reading