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Fade in your Website using jquery

This week, Claire demonstrates how you can create a nice page fade-in effect using JQuery Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial: JQuery Sliding Info Panel

Today Kim goes through a tutorial to create a simple sliding information panel overlay using jQuery Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Dreamweaver Snippets

In this week’s web design video tutorial, James explains how you can work with Dreamweaver Snippets for fast and accurate access to your favourite snippets of code. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – 10 tips & tricks for Adobe Dreamweaver

Today we share 10 quick and simple tips for using Adobe Dreamweaver. Whether your’e a beginner or a seasoned developer, we’re hoping you can pick up a few tricks from our tutorial. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Coding a full-width infinite footer with CSS

In this week’s video tutorial we show you how to create a blocky full-width footer where the colour/pattern doesn’t run out. Continue reading

How to create double-lined navigation – Web design tutorial

Today Dan is going to show you a few examples of double-lined navigation in Website design and how to re create this and use yourself. Continue reading

Responsive Web Design Tips

Some of you may have read my post on The Small Screen (though, I doubt it) on this subject, but I thought it would be worth expanding on and giving a bit more detail. Design for Mobile first When you … Continue reading

Input Field Placeholder tutorial with JavaScript

In this week’s video tutorial James explains the JavaScript code behind placeholder text in HTML Input Fields. All of the code from the tutorial is available to copy and paste. Continue reading

How to add icons inside HTML Input Fields

In this week’s video tutorial we demonstrate an easy way to add icons inside HTML Input Fields using basic CSS. Continue reading

‘Callto’ Links – Web Design Tutorial

In this week’s video James and Pete talk introduce the ‘Callto’ link reference and explain the benefits for VoIP and Smart Phone users. Continue reading