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An introduction to responsive web design & media queries

This week, James talks through the basic principals of creating a responsive web page with Media Queries and respond.js. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial: CSS3 Retro Drop Shadow Effects

In today’s post Kim shows you how to use multiple text-shadow declarations to create some interesting retro typography effects Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial: JQuery Sliding Info Panel

Today Kim goes through a tutorial to create a simple sliding information panel overlay using jQuery Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Dreamweaver Snippets

In this week’s web design video tutorial, James explains how you can work with Dreamweaver Snippets for fast and accurate access to your favourite snippets of code. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – 10 tips & tricks for Adobe Dreamweaver

Today we share 10 quick and simple tips for using Adobe Dreamweaver. Whether your’e a beginner or a seasoned developer, we’re hoping you can pick up a few tricks from our tutorial. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Coding a full-width infinite footer with CSS

In this week’s video tutorial we show you how to create a blocky full-width footer where the colour/pattern doesn’t run out. Continue reading

Web Design Tips – CSS Columns & Grids

This week Steve talks through a couple of very useful and often overlooked ways of arranging content without floats Continue reading

Web Design tools – CSS Lint, will make you epic!

This week Gav shows us a really cool new online tool that goes deep into your CSS and pulls out all the nasty bits. It’s a tool that will not only tell you why something doesn’t work, but how to fix it and become epic. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Selecting an Option Using JavaScript

In this week’s web design video blog James shares a simple but effective JavaScript/JQuery technique for selecting Form Options with links. Continue reading

Website Design CSS3 Animation Fun

Now, before we start, please don’t take my word as Gospel on this – I’m still pretty new to using CSS3 animation in my web design, but it’s so awesome I had to write a blog post about it! Firstly … Continue reading