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Adobe Creative Week Key Web & Mobile Points

In this week’s web design video blog, James and Robert summarise their key points from Adobe’s Creative Week during July 2012 Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Dreamweaver Snippets

In this week’s web design video tutorial, James explains how you can work with Dreamweaver Snippets for fast and accurate access to your favourite snippets of code. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – 10 tips & tricks for Adobe Dreamweaver

Today we share 10 quick and simple tips for using Adobe Dreamweaver. Whether your’e a beginner or a seasoned developer, we’re hoping you can pick up a few tricks from our tutorial. Continue reading

Dreamweaver CS5 – Save snippet feature

Today Dan shows you a nice little feature built in to Dreamweaver CS5 – the save snippet feature. Save some useful code to re-use. Continue reading

Multiscreen Preview in Dreamweaver CS5 (and what it means for you)

Dreamweaver CS5 comes with a feature called ‘multiscreen’ that you’re going to find handy – no doubt about it. Mobile web sites are becoming more and more popular among the general populace, so a quick and relatively easy way of … Continue reading

Synchronise your websites using Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver has a handy little feature that seems to go unnoticed by many using the program in the web design industry. I myself have only recently discovered, in the last few months, how absolutely amazing and useful it is. And … Continue reading

Web Designer’s guide to HTML, CSS & PHP Code Commenting

In this week’s video tutorial, James and Nick discuss and demonstrate code commenting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Continue reading

How to install WordPress (3.0.1) using Dreamweaver

This week Nick and I upgrade our video on how to install Wordpress. In addition to demonstrating how to install Wordpress 3.0.1, we also cover some basic features such as Permalinks and renaming the Wordpress folder. Continue reading

How to define a website in Dreamweaver CS5

As Nick is down in London training to become Google Analytics Qualified, I’ve produced a simple video blog explaining how to define a website in Dreamweaver CS5. Continue reading

Image Maps in Dreamweaver Web Design Tutorial

James demonstrates how you can easily create link hot-spots or image maps in the front-end of Adobe Dreamweaver. James also shares a good tip for SEO when working with Image Maps. Continue reading