HTML & CSS Tutorials

Every designer uses them, HTML & CSS – our archive of tutorials is for anyone just starting out in Web Design, or even the most Advanced among you.

Font Awesome (3.0) Installation & Prototyping Tutorial

In this week’s video blog we show you how to install and use Font Awesome on your website. We also show how to use the icons when prototyping in applications like Photoshop or Fireworks. Continue reading

Retina (Hi-DPI) background images with CSS Media Queries

In our first tutorial of 2013, I show you how to create high resolution CSS Background images for Retina/Hi-DPI devices using Media Queries and the CSS3 Background-Size property. Continue reading

How to sanitise URL’s when using GET requests

A quick web design tutorial for you all this week. Yesterday I was dealing with a search form that was  having to use GET to send its information when submitted. The issue I was having though was that because it … Continue reading

@font-face not working IE7 and IE8? – Fix

A Simple solution to ensuring your Google Fonts / @font-face is compatible in all browsers (IE7 & IE8) Continue reading

CSS3 in IE 6-9 with CSS3 Pie

In this week’s video blog I take a look at CSS3 Pie – a handy plugin for rendering common CSS3 decorations in Internet Explorer (IE) 6-9. Continue reading

An introduction to responsive web design & media queries

This week, James talks through the basic principals of creating a responsive web page with Media Queries and respond.js. Continue reading

Taking a look into the world of responsive web design

Today Robert Bavington & Gavin Hoffman take a look into the hot topic of responsive web design. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial: CSS3 Retro Drop Shadow Effects

In today’s post Kim shows you how to use multiple text-shadow declarations to create some interesting retro typography effects Continue reading

Web Design CSS3 Tutorial: Animated Loading Bar

This week Kim explains how to create a slick loading animation using CSS3 keyframes for webkit browsers Continue reading

How to detect IE6 browsers/users on your website

In this week’s video tutorial we share a simple jQuery solution for detecting and warning IE6 users to update their browser. Continue reading